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About Us


What's Shodai ?

Shodai means first generation in Japanese. 


Andy Chiang

      Andy, originated from Taipei, Taiwan, has over 20 collective years experience in the restaurant industry. In 2015, he had the opportunity to work at Da-wan Yakiniku Restaurant, Taipei, Taiwan where he received his substantial training on yakiniku.

      During his 4 years at Da-wan, he had the opportunity to work as the lead of his team and the honor to receive one Michelin star award in 2018, the first and only Japanese yakiniku restaurant in the world to receive Michelin star. Da-wan continues to maintain its Michelin star standards and receives one Michelin star in the year of 2019.

Our Misson

      We want to spread the Yakiniku culture around the world, Yakiniku Shodai hopes to bring in an extraordinary yakiniku dining experience to the San Francisco Bay Area. Begins with the high quality selections of Japanese Wagyu, comparable Michelin star level of attentive service, and skillful hands of our talented chefs. Together, we confidently present the most exquisit taste of meat and make every meal at Yakiniku Shodai a truly extraordinary dining experience.


What is Yakiniku?

      Yakiniku, in Japanese, means to barbecue. Conveying the original yakiniku concept from Da-wan Yakiniku Dining Restaurant, Taipei, Taiwan, Yakiniku Shodai serves the highest quality of Japanese Wagyu, cooked over charcoal braziers set into bar top. Diners are comfortably seated around the bar where a variety of high-quality Japanese Wagyu are being prepared and barbecued to order.

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