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Yakiniku Shodai is seeking a chef who is responsible for using his/her culinary expertise to create appetizing dishes for our customers to enjoy. Our primary focus is on ensuring our guests have an amazing dining experience from not only the food but the service as well. We are seeking individuals who have the capability of working full time for this roll . As a chef at Shodai your responsibilities include:  

- Ensure all courses are prepared, cooked, and presented in an aesthetically pleasing way.

- Assist manager to develop appropriate and unique menus

- Inspect cooking equipment, supplies, work areas and ingredients to ensure constant conformance to regulatory standards

- Ensure safety, sanitation standards, and comply with health department and state and/or local health code requirements

We are also looking for a hostess or greeter who is responsible for welcoming customers and ensuring that they are seated and receive attentive service. We are only looking for individuals who have the capability of working full time for this role. As a Hostess at Shodai your responsibilities include:  

- Greeting customers as they enter into the restaurant
- Assisting customers with reservations and guiding them to their table or seats
- Providing customers with menus and answering any initial questions they may have
- Optimizing seating arrangement to ensure our customers are seated comfortably and create an even workload for staff
- Maintain scheduling and reservations by answering phones or  responding to emails and/or social media requests
- Assist in setting up private events or large parties

You can send us your resume or contact us at for more inquires. 

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